The well known Greek saying “a healthy spirit in a health body” is just as true today as it was three thousand years ago. During our lives we deal with emotions, situations and events which require mental support from family members, friends and relatives. It is often their support which provides us with a sense of security and stability. Yet there are situations and events in life in which this support does not provide adequate assistance, and the guidance of a professional is essential.
The chapter on Emotional Wellbeing provides an in-depth description of the array of therapy options available in Israel today, from publicly funded services, options available through the different Kupot Holim (HMOs) and private services. This rich overview, combined with personal narratives collected from women of varying ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, enables the readers to make educated and informed choices regarding which professionals would be most suitable for them.

Chapter sections include: Therapy as an option – Finding a competent, caring therapist – Is it all in our brain chemistry? – Concerns about medication – Challenges for consumers – Social or political action: an often overlooked source of help. The chapter answers such questions as: Which therapeutic methods are available in Israel today? How to I select the type of therapist which would best suit my needs and values? When should therapy include psychiatric aspects?