Women and their Bodies Facilitators

Who are our facilitators?

The organization’s staff includes a wide range of professionals, women from the fields of medicine and health, psychology, sexuality, sociology, gender studies, political science, management and more. The lecturers all have a master’s degree, a certificate of group facilitation and are highly experienced and specialize in each in her field.

Ahlam Abdi

B.A. in Social Work from the University of Haifa and an M.A. in Group Facilitation from the University of Haifa. Has ten years of experience in the field of parental guidance for parents of children and youth at risk. Facilitator of workshops in Women and their Bodies

Dalal Asadi

Social worker and group facilitator. In my work, I was required to culturally adapt the facilitation, specifically to the Arab sector, and at the same time to maintain agenda for which I aspire - to create change in my society. My ambition is to improve the status of Arab women by empowering women in Arab society by increasing general knowledge, knowledge of rights and a sense of competence

Shirin Assaf

Education – Master's degree in clinical social work. Parent group facilitator (graduate of the Adler Institute). Sexual health facilitator for young women and mothers. Shirin works at the Lynn Center for Mental Health, and in the Family Peace Center. Facilitator for a music dialogue course for Arab/Jewish students at Bar-Ilan University. She is involved in the empowerment of women and believes in change and the obligation to raise awareness about equality and rights. Facilitator of workshops in "Women and their Bodies".

Heyjar Abu Sharb

A clinical nutrition consultant who treats diabetics. From the city of Rahat in the south of Israel. A group facilitator who specializes in facilitating young women and conflict groups, and gives lectures on Arab Bedouin society in the south. Established the "Yasmin Alnegev" association: a non-profit organization for the health of the Arab population in the Negev. She was awarded the 2009 Knesset Speaker's Prize for Quality of Life and was selected as one of the groundbreaking Arab Bedouin women by the President of Israel in 2009. Winner of the 2011 Ministry of Health Shield Award.

Rona Asulin

Training: A graduate of the Israeli Center for Integrative Group Facilitation - Wingate, a therapist using the Elbaum method, chirological diagnosis, treatment of trauma by movement and expression by typing. In day-to-day life, a group facilitator and certified integrative therapist. Facilitator of groups of girls and women on issues of femininity and sexuality in 'Women and Their Bodies'

Dr. Iris Barkan

Coordination of training, guidance, and supervision for the team of facilitators at Women and their Bodies. Iris has been with the organization since its inception, and still loves the blessed work. She is cative in the promotion, empowerment and development of women in general and in the promotion of women's health in particular, while developing an agenda that encourages taking responsibility and full participation of the patient in the management of her health. Engaged in many areas related to human beings – counseling, coaching and education, stemming from the belief that we can all change, grow and love . Iris is an experienced group facilitator in a variety of subjects, including parents, women, educators and more. Lecturer at David Yellin College, organizational consultant with a specialization in the development and nurturing of managers and work teams, owner of a private clinic for personal, professional and parental coaching in Jerusalem. Ph.D. in Coaching Psychology, expertise in working with parents of adolescents.

Natalie Baruch

Sexuality educator and certified group facilitator. Ph.D. student at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, with a master's degree in gender from Bar Ilan University

Ella Brchansky

Expert educational psychologist and social psychologist, workshop facilitator at the "Women and their Bodies". Ella holds a master's degree in psychology from Tel Aviv University. She has worked for many years in the "Youth Counseling Center", Petah Tikva municipality and in the psychological service of the Yehud municipality. She has a private clinic in Givat Shmuel, and advocates a feminist method of therapy. Ella has extensive experience as a facilitator of empowerment groups for women and girls, parent groups and giving lectures to teams. One of the founders of the "League of Russian-Speaking Feminists in Israel".

Galit Cohen

Group facilitator, a graduate of the Magid Institute of the Hebrew University, a family constellation facilitator. A part of the Women and their Bodies from the beginning, specializes in working with the wonderful third and fourth age women. I promote social change for women, teenagers, girls and gender diverse individuals. I believes that each of us has the right to knowledge and to choose an authentic life that realizes our unique essence. Multidisciplinary creator and activist for a sustainable environment.

Efrat Galon

Owner of "Yamana" - cooking therapy, group and workshop facilitator, accompanies healing and growth processes. A facilitator at Women and their Bodies for 9 years, has extensive experience in guiding and accompanying women, mothers and girls regarding issues of sexuality, gender and relationships. Efrat treats diverse populations, individually or in groups, through cooking in a clinic that is a kitchen. "I accompany people who want to grow and bring energy back to their lives". Education: A bachelor's degree in sociology and criminology. Graduate of group facilitation studies at Oranim College. Graduate of Oranim's "Mother for Mother in the Community" studies. Cooking therapy studies at Kibbutzim College of Education. Currently completing a life-changing course "The Art of the Healing Encounter". She lives in Kibbutz Ein HaMifratz, is married to Gali and is the mother of Omer Alma and Boaz.

Ella Hart

Workshop facilitator and volunteer staff member at Women and Their Bodies. Ella holds a B.A. in Psychology and Special Education from Tel Aviv University and is a graduate of group facilitation studies at the Institute of Group Facilitation in Jerusalem. She owns an independent business of sports and dance classes (zumba, yoga, aerobics), promotes healthy body image and enjoying the body through movement and dance. Conducts and organizes workshops on the subject.

Nivit Klinghoffer

Certified educator of beneficial sexuality, an "Open Door" graduate, facilitator of women's circles, an activist for survivors of prostitution, couple's counselor and a lecturer. Nivit has extensive experience in facilitating diverse groups: youth and youth at risk, educational teams, parents of adolescents, formal and informal educational frameworks, boarding schools, "Bait Cham", the elderly, the Prisoner Rehabilitation Authority and more. Facilitator on behalf of "Women and their Bodies", "Talking Sexuality", "Open Door", "Ledaber Al Ze", "Tehooda". A student of criminology and gender, a curious woman and a mother.

Hanin Massarwa Natur

BA in Social Work form the Hebrew University, and a graduate of Bar-Ilan University's program for group facilitation combined with the arts. Hanin is currently the co-director of MICHA Jerusalem, which provides services for hearing-impaired children and their families, including rehabilitative daycare centers and an integrated bilingual Jerusalem kindergarten. Group facilitator at Women and their Bodies. Believes in the right of human beings to live in equality and freedom.

Tali Ne'eman Szabo

Group facilitation combined with the arts; lecturer on the prevention of sexual abuse in early childhood and a member of the steering committee for the prevention of sexual harassment at Levinsky College, Tel Aviv; Graphic designer and painter. She is the illustrator of the children's book "Sky, Come Out!" which is about the prevention of sexual abuse in early childhood, and gives lectures and workshops on the subject. Deals with vulnerabilities in the edges of the life cycle: vulnerability in childhood at one end and aging, illness and death at the other end. Volunteer and activist at the Sharon Assistance Center for Victims of Sexual Assault. Graduate of two MA degrees in Gender Studies – Tel Aviv University; Group Facilitation combined with the arts – Lesley University, Israel. B.A. in Visual Design – Middlesex University, London, England.

Michal Oren

Education – a group facilitator certificate with a specialization in multicultural society from Beit Berl College, a bachelor's degree in social sciences with a specialization in gender from the Open University, and a master's degree in gender in the field of Bar-Ilan University, healthy sexuality educator training from the "Meida Amin Al Min" initiative.
Professional experience –experience in leading groups from different populations such as teacher training, acompanying a group of multiple sclerosis patients, and especially working with girls and women of all ages around issues of sexuality, relationships and gender. Today, in addition to the facilitation and lectures on behalf of "Women and Their Bodies", Michal collaborates with her partner in facilitating workshops for teams, accompanying gender studies students at a number of universities throughout the country, and more.

Orly Simhi Cohen

Creative actress, community theater director and group facilitator. She is a graduate of group facilitation studies at the Kibbutzim College of Education, a graduate of the community theater studies at Tel Aviv University, and the School of Body Theater in Tel Aviv. Group Facilitator at WTB for over a decade in Jerusalem and the area, working with girls, young women, elderly women and educational teams. In my work, I create a wonderful connection between 'woman - body - stage' and between theater and the community. I leads theater and empowerment workshops for women and girls: 'In Dialogue with the Body' and 'Theatrical Women's Evening'. Actress in a solo show 'Dred Dell' - a show with the scent of theater and oriental dance that touches the womb of every woman. A show that brings every woman in touch with topics such as body image, motherhood, singleness, fertility and more.

Tal Tamir

Co-founder of the organization, editor-in-chief of the book “Women and their Bodies”, and former director of the Knowledge and Action Center. Tal was writer and editor of research and reports for the Equal Opportunities at Work Commission; director of the Israel Women’s Network research center (published two books on the status of women in Israel); coordinator of the Lafer Center for Gender Studies; research assistant for the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women. She has a teaching certificate and a master’s degree in education from the Kibbutz Seminar, and in political science from the Hebrew University. She lectures on topics related to the status of women, gender, health and social change, and teaches civics and gender at Lady Davis High School in Tel Aviv.

Narges Tarabia

Workshop facilitator at Women and their Bodies. Holds a B.A. in Social Work from the University of Haifa and an M.A. in Group Facilitation from the University of Haifa. Has ten years of experience in the field of parental guidance for parents of children and youth at risk.

Dana Weinberg

Founder and CEO of "Women and their Bodies". IVN (Israel Venture Capital Network) scholarship recipient in the social entrepreneurship program. Dana has been working in academic and social fields for many years to promote the status of women in Israel. She holds a master's degree in anthropology from the Hebrew University. Master in medical anthropology on the topic of "The gynecological examination: female experience and its interpretation". For seven years, she directed the School for Women's Political Leadership, WIZO Jerusalem, and coordinated the Leifer Center for Women's and Gender Studies, at the Hebrew University. Dana lectures and facilitates groups on issues related to the status of women, gender, health and social change. Yoga teacher.

Vered Weinfeld

Facilitator of workshops and designer of content products at Women and their Bodies. Vered holds a bachelor's degree in social and spiritual studies, is a personal trainer, graphic designer, product and concept, and is a graduate of group facilitation studies with an emphasis on a 'multi-identity society'. Most of all, it seeks to create, change and influence the creation of a just and egalitarian society that promotes self-loyalty, personal development and making the voice of women heard.

Dani Yuval Lubman

A parenting instructor in the Adler approach and an educator of healthy sexuality. Specializes in special families with emphasis on ASD. Leads sex education processes with an emphasis on pleasure, recognition and acceptance of our body in the world of special needs.