Books and Publications

The WTB Knowledge and Action Center lead by Tal Tamir has been producing books, reports, brochures, and other products such as videos since 2005. The organization’s perspective is reflected in each of our products, which is always a weave of the academic and medical, and information gathered from a wide range of women who share their experiences and expertise. The written material deals with common, sometimes difficult questions and topics that are silenced in a manner that is clear, straightforward, and accessible.

The Books

Women and Their Bodies

The cultural adaptation of the American feminist book Our bodies, Ourselves for women in Israel, in Hebrew and in Arabic, was a complex and multi-faceted project. The books in their localized version were published in 2011, in Hebrew by Modan Publishing (still sold in bookstores), and self-published in Arabic (can be downloaded from the website).
The book Women and Their Bodies was published following six years of intensive work, research, interviews, and writing, together with more than 350 women and professionals from diverse health and medical fields who contributed to the project. The 800-page book provides a wealth of up-to-date, important, and accessible information vital for women in the circle of life and answers physiological, emotional, and social questions.

'Speak Out, Sky!'

An illustrated children’s book that deals with sexual abuse in a child’s close environment. The goal of the book is to help children who experience pain and suffering on a daily basis due to sexual abuse. The characters in the book, the little girl Sky and the animals, bring the story of abuse to a place that enables children to talk about it with a close adult. The book aims to give a public and social voice to girls, boys, women and men and raises awareness to the damage to them from abuse and from keeping the secret. Society treats sexual abuse with ambivalence: on the one hand, society condemns this harsh phenomenon and on the other hand keeps it shrouded in secrecy. Beyond the abuse itself, the greatest damage is in keeping it hidden. Children who find themselves in this hellish circumstance find it difficult to talk about it, they don’t have the words to express what they went through and it’s hard for them to find adults that really want to listen.

Girls and Their Bodies: Talking, Present, Hidden

The book Girls and Their Bodies: Talking, Present, Hidden edited by Einat Peled, Einat Lachover, and Michal Komem is the product of a writing group during 2017 in cooperation with Sapir Academic College and Tel Aviv University. This book includes a chapter written by Tal Tamir and Dana Weinberg “Girls and their bodies, insights from working with girls on their bodies, health, and sexuality.”

The book was published in 2017 by the Magnes academic press, Hebrew University. This is the first book written in Hebrew in the developing field of girlhood studies, which examines the lives of girls on the basis of their belonging to diverse social groups, from the gender perspective. The chapters in the book enrich the academic discourse and professional knowledge on girls and expands the opportunities for social action by and for them.

Downloadable information pages

How to prepare for a gynecological exam

For many of us, the thought of a gynecologist raises and concerns and discomfort, so its important to know that the first visit, even if its for contraception, will only be to talk – other than in specific cases that require it, there won’t be a vaginal exam.

This page will help you to prepare and facilitate a positive and beneficial experience with your gynecologist.

Starting and keeping up physical activity

This brochure aims to help us tackle the great challenge of transitioning from “I have to start working out” to keeping up and even enjoying physical activity. Ella Hart, group facilitator at Women and Their Bodies and dance, yoga and sports instructor shares her insights on the way to addiction.

Important diagnostic tests

In 2017, in cooperation with the Knowledge and Action center at WTB, Dr. Karney Lahad, medical intern at Sheba Medical Center wrote a report that summarizes the important things to check for.  There are diagnostic tests to identify and help prevent hypertension, diabetes, anemia, and especially cancer. These tests are categorized by age, with more added for each decade. The report also addresses the fact that many diseases and conditions can be prevented by changing habits and suggests 4 magic factors for our health.

Recommended physical activity for women

In 2017, in cooperation with the Knowledge and Action center at WTB, Dr. Karney Lahad, medical intern at Sheba Medical Center wrote a brochure on the importance of physical activity. This often stars on our guilt list – the things we know are important, but we never have time for or energy for, together with quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. There’s no doubt that the most important thing we can do for our health is to move and keep our body fit. More and more research proves that physical activity is more important that weight, and that little physical activity is better than none. You’re invited to read – and get started.

Downloadable brochures

Whose migraine is this!

Migraines are headaches that can have preliminary symptoms or appear suddenly. They are very common among women and can be very disruptive, because a typical migraine can last from two hours to three days. Self-treatment and medical help can relieve and minimize the suffering, but it is a chronic condition. The knowledge and action group for women who suffer from migraines has completed its work. We thank the participants for the process they went through, the shared information and learning and the strengths they drew from each other. This booklet is for anyone who live with and suffers from migraines.

Monologues from fibromyalgia

The booklet Monologues from Fibro(myalgia) was written by the WTB knowledge and action group to raise awareness for fibromyalgia. The booklet brings in words and images the voices and feelings of women who suffer from fibromyalgia. It is for anyone who wants to “speak” about the issue and show others what it means to live with the condition.

Navigating the health system

The booklet Navigating the Health System addresses the interaction of women with the health services system, in which they often find themselves almost helpless facing the bodies they are in contact with: doctors, nurses, medical and administration staff. Many women are not aware of the interests and considerations that drive the system and how they impact the medical procedures and therapeutic treatments offered them.  The booklet serves two purposes: accessibility of information on our rights as women in the health system, so readers can navigate the complex maze, its structure and budget; and raising awareness to the gender aspect, which raises unique issues for women who are ill, and what are the historical and economic considerations that affect them.