Artwork on the website

We’re happy to present another fascinating side to our book and website – the visual aspect.

Leading Israeli artists answered the call of curator Diana Dalal, who agreed to invest her time and expertise in the project, and volunteered to join us as partners to the concept and path. We are deeply grateful for the great generosity and willingness to share their wonderful artwork on the website and in the Women and Their Bodies book. A special thanks to Shahaf Yaron on her part in the organization, in preparing the material and assistance.
Women and Their Bodies deals in its writings and activities with various issues related to women’s health, bodies, and sexuality, and the diversity of voices and identities of women in Israel. In their work the artists show representations of Israeli women that support and integrate with WTB content. The voices, feelings, and experiences are expressed in the book and the website through words and visual representations. The artwork sometimes directly focuses on the female body, and sometimes gives only a hint, as an abstract perspective open to individual emotional response and interpretation of the viewer.
The chapters deal with cultural, medical, physical and emotional phenomenon in Israel. The various works of art also create an interesting mosaic of “Israeli women”, in which the representation of the female body continuously fluctuates between different characterizations: the body as an object of passion, of violence, as a subject that recreates itself through different disguises, or as a subject/object with complex relationships within the home and family. The text shows the complexity of searching for the various representations and voices of “Israeli femininity”. The visual perspective adds to and highlights the various possibilities, identities and relationships between ethnicity, religion, sexual preferences, status and language to body, gender, health, welfare, and society in Israel. The complex relationships gain yet layer in relation to personal and public space.
Learn more about the art and artists who contributed to this important project through the page devoted to each one of them. The artists are presented in alphabetical order.