The Health Ministry has put out a message stating that no elective medical procedures will take place, besides for specified exceptions. In response, we joined several organisations in a call to continue abortions in the times of corona. Elective abortions were not included in the Health Ministry’s list of permitted procedures. Seeing that abortion cannot be delayed, we consider it a basic human right. Ongoing and complete provision of abortion services around the country, for both woman and girls who choose such, is essential.

We joined a list of women’s organizations in drafting an excellent letter, initiated by ‘Lada’at- choose well’ and  Sharon Orshalmi. We appealed to the Health Ministry to add abortion to their list of permitted procedures and to find a solution to allow continuous abortion services in these times. In the letter addressed to the Health Ministry we suggest several solutions to protect the rights of women who wish to terminate their pregnancies, while looking out for their health and minimizing the chance of Coronavirus infection. To read the letter.

Following the appeal, abortions during the first weeks of pregnancy are now permitted at home during the Corona Pandemic!

In response to the appeal, the Health Ministry announced that they will transfer the administration of the abortion pill during initial weeks of pregnancy, from the hospitals to the woman’s house and Healthcare clinics.