Those of us who find men as partners for friendship, love, support, sex, or any other relationship, face many issues and reflections concerning satisfaction, happiness, love and comfort. There are many challenges in the day to day life between women and men, for instance, how to demand safe sex and to avoid a violent and harmful relationship or queries relating to the communication between the sexes and self protection. In Israeli society, where partnership and family are the accepted norm, single, divorced or widowed women or sometimes women in unsanctioned partnerships, are confronted by constant pressure to find the accepted partnership. Many researches look at the tendency of the Jewish society to see the family and its continuation as a form of contribution towards the Zionist project.

The chapter encourages women to find the inner strength to cope. It tackles the array of relationship systems between women and men outside the external constructs, and the challenges posed by the media. It also surveys the legal situation regarding partnership and singlehood.