We’re proud to share that our “Safe Online” program won first place in the 2022 “Miss Fix the Universe” contest!!

The competition is sponsored and led by Bank Hapoalim and the Women’s Lobby. The idea is to reward women for their work and not for their appearance – a value that we surely resonate with.

The “Safe online” program was created by Women and their Bodies about three years ago, out of recognition for the need to act to reduce the damage that the web creates to body image, sexuality and relationships, identity and a sense of value in the lives of young women. A need that has only intensified and damages that have only gotten worse in the last two years. Social networks probably have a necessary presence in the lives of young women – our real challenge is how to amplify positive possibilities that the internet provides and reduce the negative ones that are harmful and destructive to their bodies and lives.

In recent years, the internet has enabled real feminist revolutions, but it is also a space that by its very nature generates and intensifies sexual abuse, severe damage to body image and damage to the self-esteem of young women and instills false perceptions about health and sexuality.

In the early years, the program was implemented thanks to the support of the National Insurance Institute’s Fund for Children and Youth at Risk and the Israel Internet Association, wonderful partners in our path. We are now looking forward to expanding and developing the program, reaching many more target audiences of girls and staff who need it, creating more products of knowledge, strengthening the positive effects that the network can bring to the lives of girls’ bodies and health, and reducing and protecting against negative ones. We feel today that this is just the beginning of a very important way to promote a healthy body image and healthy sexuality in the lives of young women.
Many projects and collaborations are taking shape here and we will be happy for any partnership in this important path.