The choice to live in the open as a lesbian in 21st century Israel is not a simple or an easy choice. Those of us who classify ourselves as lesbians struggle almost daily with homophobia, prejudice and institutional discrimination. The process of outing oneself is a long process which never comes to an end. Again and again we have to do it in front of family, friends, colleagues, children’s friends and other social groups. We carry on our relationships, bring up our children and belong to other sub communities (such as religious Jewish lesbians, Palestinian lesbians etc) surrounded by discrimination.
This chapter deals with various problems which could interest lesbians. Those of us, who have changed gender identification at a later stage, are faced with special challenges such as keeping in touch with previous partners. The medical system for a lesbian is hostile and many lesbians tend not to visit gynaecologists. This chapter also offers support to lesbian mothers who are struggling to find out what assistance and services are available in Israel.