List of Cyber Abuse hotlines/organisations

On this page you will find a summary of the organizations that provide help in times of distress. Please use them when needed..

Child Online Protection Bureau- National Hotline 015

Hotline 105 is a unique national center that accepts queries and reports from the public and provides professional responses to harm, violence and crimes aimed at children and adolescents in cyberspace. Children, adolescents, parents, professionals, and the general public can call the hotline about any harm to minors in cyberspace, including:

Reporting online criminal acts- extortion, threats, impersonation, gambling, fraud, and more

Reporting online emergencies and distress

Online sexual abuse – prostitution, obscene acts, rape or attempted rape, sexual harassment and more


Cyberbullying- shaming, exclusion, boycotting

Help in removing offensive online content

Consultation and providing information about safe internet surfing and harm to minors (aged 0-18)

Call- 105

Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL)

Cyber Harm

The Israel Internet Association has been active for more than a decade, keeping the internet, and its users, safe. We invite you to turn to them with any query or problem


You can reach us by WhatsApp or phone- 054-8-858911, by mail, telegram, or by form


ERAN (ער"ן)

Humanitarian service, providing Emotional First Aid on the phone and online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity

Hotline- 1202

Sahar (סה"ר)

Assistance and someone to talk to online- free Israeli internet services providing emotional support for those on the verge of suicide, those considering suicide and people who know of others who are suicide risks.  For the survivors of suicide attempts, for family members of those who have committed suicide or attempted suicide.


    • Online chat- emotional support for youth
    • Emotional support for adults
    • Emotional support for soldiers

IGY (איגי)

Gay Youth Organisation

IGY’s online forum is active 24/7

Click here

Turn to us discretely by WhatsApp- contact a counsellor discretely during hours-  Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 19:30-21:30 (You may write to us at any time and we will get back to you during working hours)

  • “Digi 1”- 054-911-9726
  • “Digi 2”- 054-911-9718
  • The pink roof- Emergency youth management
  • LGBT- 03-3798341



The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel

There are 9 Rape Crisis Centers in Israel for victims of sexual abuse, including Crisis Centers for Arab woman, religious women, and a hotline for men. All are managed under the umbrella organisation, the ARCCI, providing free help services.

Woman: 1202

Men: 1203

Arab Woman: 04-6566813

Religious Women: 02-6730002

Religious Men: 02-5328000

Beit Lynn Child Protection Center (בית לין)

Free initial aid for the sexually, physically, or emotionally abused, provided by a multidisciplinary team

Beit Lynn, in partnership with the Ministry of Welfare, provides free initial aid for victims of sexual, physical or psychological abuse by a holistic and professional team (a paediatrician, a social worker, a child investigator, a youth investigator and a housemother). There are 8 centers around the country offering a friendly environment suitable for children and youth.

Initial medical assistance at hospitals

If a young girl is sexually assaulted and requires emergency medical treatment, some central hospitals have dedicated centers, open 24/7

These centers are preferable over hospitals without them, as they provide a professionally trained team capable of treating you.

The centers are generally located close to the ER,  in a room where you can be examined and receive complete care without needing to move between departments, with the highest possible privacy.   

Tiberius: Poriya medical center, ‘Merkaz Tana’, Ramat Poriya, Route 768 near Tiberias. Phone: 04-6652481

Haifa: Bnai Zion Medical Center, ‘Room 10’. 47 Eliyahu Golomb St., Hadar Elion.

Phone: 04-8359174

Jerusalem: Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem, ‘Bat-Ami’ center Hadassah Ein Kerem.

Phone: 02-6777222, 02-6422758

Holon: Wolfson Medical Center, ‘Room 4’, 62 Halochamim.

Phone 03-5028313/5/7

Beer Sheva: Soroka Hospital, Center for sexual abuse victims, Sderot Regar.

Phone: 08-6400111

Naharia: Galilee Medical Center, ‘the Friendly Room’ for sexual abuse victims, Route 89 across from Moshav Ben-Ami.

Phone: 04-9521505

“Belibenu center”- for ultraorthodox/religious children (מרכז "בליבנו")

Crisis center for underage victims of sexual abuse in Tel Hashomer

The “Belibanu” center, established by the “Bayit-cham” foundation, operates in Bnei Brak, Modi’in Ilit and Elad. It provides aid for children and youth in the ultraorthodox and religious sectors who have experienced sexual trauma.

The center provides consultation for parents, therapists, and educators; the service is free.

ELEM (קו על"ם)

A website that provides information and support to youth; where they can speak, ask questions, gain knowledge, consult, write, and meet others.

1204 – Hotline for reporting cases of violence- 1204

Eli (אל"י)

An organisation that aids abused and neglected children. Eli runs a hotline, by phone and mail, and provides a diverse team of professional care workers.


"Na'an" (נע"ן)

Na’an- Youth listening to youth, to turn to in times of crisis, part of to the organisation “Yad B’yad”.

  • Phone: 1-800-22-3011, Sundays- Thursdays 17:00-20:0
  • Tel Aviv 03-6919765
  • Ramat Gan 03-6769573
  • Ramat Hasharon 03-5475197

"Yad B’yad" (יד ביד)

A sympathetic ear for youth and children in crisis. 24 hours a day.


"Choshen" (חושן)

The LGBT community’s education and advocacy organisation.


"Osen Kashevet" (אוזן קשבת)

Consultation for youth and parents.