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Established in 2005, Nashim LeGufan (Women and Their Bodies – WTB) is a unique women’s non-profit organization working to promote comprehensive social change in the perceptions and attitudes of women’s health, sexuality and reproductive needs in Israel, which will lead to shift in perceptions and institutional change within the health and medical establishments, and overall Israeli society.

Nashim LeGufan aims to provide Israeli women and girls with the information, and therefore power, to make informed choices, by generating updated, relevant knowledge regarding women’s physical, emotional, sexual and reproductive health.

Women and Their Bodies aims to advance the following central goals:

WTB seeks to provide accessible, research-based information about women’s health and sexuality in order to raise awareness amongst women, youth and girls. Especially, WTB wishes to strengthen self-perceptions and knowledge amongst disadvantaged women, such as at-risk girls, immigrants, peripheral residents, orthodox women and girls, etc. WTB published the books Nashim LeGufan and Al Mara wa Kayanaha: comprehensive health and sexuality guides in Hebrew and ArabicIn addition, we are publishing articles, information papers, educational materials etc. A knowledge and information center is included in our websites in Hebrew and Arabic with free accessible knowledge.

WTB runs numerous workshops and training on gender health and sexual health, well-being and sexuality for groups ranging from girls (emphasizing on at-risk teenage girls), mothers to young children, women at menopause, elderly women and special groups population such as disabled women as well as professional (such as teachers, nurses, social workers and so on). These workshops provide women with information as well as a framework through which they can learn from with other women like themselves and explore their personal beliefs and experiences regarding gender and health. The workshops are taking place all around the country and are culturally adapted to each group’s needs and special emphasize. We have 34 group facilitators working in Arabic, Hebrew, Amharic and Russian. The facilitators are all experienced professionals in their field. We are also conducting intensive training sessions for our facilitators each year.

WTB developed a special project to increase social impact and influence, our “Knowledge and Action groups” – an innovated leadership and call for action model to increase gender equality.

WTB aims to introduce and engage the medical and health care-related professionals and stakeholders with a more cultural-sensitive, holistic and accurate information and data, collaborating with them to advance a more comprehensive and accessible approach to women’s health issues.

WTB aims to influence and shift public and personal perceptions and public discourse of women’s bodies, sexuality and health to a more legitimate, respectful and empowering position that accounts for women’s voices and participation in it.


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